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"Pass me the fire babylon burn down
Pass me the flame so I can fling it all around.
These seven countries in the world keep on making all
the deals, little did they know he was loosing the 7
Look in your heart, you can see it manifest.
I know what make man great is the heart that’s in his
So choose the path of love cause truth and rights
could never rest, and don’t worry Jah Jah children
ïcause Selassie I protect you

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"King of Kings and di Lord of Lords
Everlasting Everlaster
Inspire I and I to be a microphone blaster
We nah goin bow down to no slave master
Help di youths first and ask di question dem after.

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"Extra, extra…. read all about it
Ghetto youths in need and there is no doubt about it
If baby want feed and can’t do without it
Big 45 goin to scout it.

� D.M.
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"If you’r losing your past your present day must be dark. "

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"American, African, European skanking to this drum beat. "

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"Live in love and life shall bloom, life is waiting right here. "

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"Blessed shall be the one who live in love, respect and dedication. "

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"My mouth does one thing only when it comes to words, quoting my heart. "

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